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What does AEG mean in airsoft?


Airsoft is a sport with many new terms and abbreviations. Explaining them is essential if we want to take it seriously and develop our shooting skills. The most basic abbreviation is “ASG”, which stands for “Air Soft Gun”. The abbreviation “AEG” sounds very similar - and it also stands for a type of airsoft gun - but in this case is intended to indicate a specific type of weapon replica.

AEG in airsoft - what does it stand for?

Airsoft guns are divided into three main categories, the basis of this division being the type of motor that makes shooting possible. And so, we have gas, spring and AEG - that is airsoft guns with an electric motor. The Airsoft Electric Gun is a weapon type equipped with mechanical systems, the construction of which provides slightly different possibilities and functions than in the case of other types of airsoft guns. Each category of airsoft weapons has its own characteristic features that affect the way a given model is handled and its use in combat. Getting to know them is crucial if we want to choose the right equipment for ourselves, so today we will discuss how electric airsoft guns work.

airsoft gun

AEG airsoft guns - airsoft UK

Replicas equipped with an electric motor are the most frequently chosen type of airsoft gun, used not only by airsofters from UK, but also by players from many other countries. This model of ASG often holds an advantage over spring and gas models, which is mainly due to the type of motor installed. Electric airsoft guns are also usually provided for rent by organizers of shooters, regardless of which English city they take place in.

How does an electric airsoft gun work?

The use of a given type of motor determines the construction of an airsoft gun. This also translates into features that it can be equipped with. The spring airsoft gun requires reloading before each shot, and the continuous fire function is completely unavailable in this category of airsoft guns. Things are very different in the case of electric airsoft guns, which can be much more functional - thanks to the fact that they are powered by an electric motor.

airsoft rifle

Mechanical and electrical systems inside an airsoft gun

The ASG gearbox is a mechanical, electro-pneumatic system and the most important element of an electric airsoft gun. It contains elements such as: motor, piston, gears, wiring, triggercylinder and spring. There are of course many more parts involved, and the construction of a given gearbox depends on its version and possible design changes introduced by the manufacturer or the user of the airsoft gun. A power source is required in order for the whole system to work - in this case a battery that is charged with a special charger.

The gearbox is turned on by pressing the trigger of the airsoft gun. The contacts close and the electric circuit is closed. Electricity flows to the motor and the entire system is set in motion. The gears pull the piston which compresses the spring. When the gears complete the cycle, the spring expands and the piston is released - as it moves, it pushes air out of the cylinder, which then fires the BB from the airsoft gun’s barrel.

Various features and functions of the AEG airsoft gun

Electric airsoft guns can be equipped with many useful functions, that are often indispensable in combat. They can provide us with the option of shooting with continuous fire and sometimes also with bursts, which significantly increases our chance of defeating the opponent. They remove many problems from the whole airsoft warfare equation, allowing us to focus on strategy. The AEG can also be equipped with the electric Blow-Back system, which imitates the movement of the bolt during shooting - this provides a much more realistic experience.

airsoft gun and BBs

When should you choose AEG? The universal airsoft gun

The electric airsoft gun is the most popular choice, because it ensures comfortable and efficient gaming experience. It has features that increase our chances of winning, and is also relatively easy to use - also for novice airsofters. It can be used all year round, because the operation of the airsoft gun is not hampered by - for example - low temperatures. We also usually have more freedom if we want to introduce our own modifications, tune the replica and adapt it to the conditions of a particular game. And so, if you’re looking for a universal airsoft gun, that is user-friendly and will work well in various types of scenarios, then AEG seems to be the best choice.

airsoft player

Which airsoft gun and what accessories to choose in case of an AEG?

Airsoft guns imitate various models of firearms. There is a certain, noticeable tendency when it comes to the type of airsoft gun and the motor installed therein. The AEG pistol is not a common solution, but assault rifles or submachine guns are, in turn, usually electric-powered. The most popular types of airsoft guns on the market are assault rifles, with two constructions being unquestionable leaders - the M4 and the AK.

The American M4 and the Soviet Kalashnikov are a frequent inspiration for manufacturers of airsoft guns, and are available in various price ranges. They’ve proven themselves time after time in shooters organized in forested areas as well as indoors, both at short and medium distances. Various versions are currently available on the market, such as the AEG M4A1 or M16 assault rifles, as well as AK47 / 74 and AKM. Besides the airsoft gun itself, it is also advisable to choose a good quality charger and battery, as the efficient operation of our weapon depends on them very much. Other necessary accessories are a protective mask and BBs - a typical loadout for every airsoft player.


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