Special effects for airsoft – what’s on the market?

Special effects for airsoft – what’s on the market?It is often said, that airsoft is like live FPS games. One of the things, that airsoft can lack off is something that will simulate that battlefield vibe – explosions, smoke and bangs. They not only make the game more attractive but also give a tactical advantage when properly used (more about airsoft pyrotechnics safety here). They can be used to clean hills or rooms or give a smokescreen to cover the assault squad. Sounds cool, right? Actually, it’s not that hard to implement these things into the airsoft skirmish. moreover, they’re already easily available on the market. Depending on the rules of the games, you can use both pyrotechnic solutions and green gas products. Today we’ll talk about the products available on the market.


Besides the easy access to the attested firecrackers, strobes, flares and smokes, I would like to show you the specific products for the military games, which have their special combat properties and feeling of the use.

In Poland, the most popular products are from the B&G:
  • GR-2 Frag Grenades
  • GH-2 Flashbang Grenades
  • GD-10 Smoke Greenades
  • ED-60 Smoke Screens
All of them can be triggered by pulling the ring-pull and will do their effects after a few seconds. They’re all properly tested and have proper certificates, so it’s quite safe to use them on bigger games.

Nevertheless, these are still well-known hand grenades. Let’s look for something even cooler – 40 mm pyrotechnic grenades!
These are made by Tactical Game Innovations and are quite known in the airsoft world, thanks to their innovatory. Finally, something that works kinda like the real grenade launcher and has a proper explosion effect. To use them, you have to buy a special 40 mm Green Gas/CO2 shell, that is loaded with disposable projectiles. There are 3 kinds of them:
  • Training ones (made of chalk or rubber)
  • The explosive ones
  • The smoke ones

What are the pros of this solution?
  • the effectivity and attractiveness
  • the products are single-use, so you don’t have to look for your grenade after the game – these are great for woodland games!
What are the cons of this solution?
  • it’s one use only, yet still very expensive
  • less safe than the green gas grenades
  • pyrotechnics are not always allowed

Green Gas solutions

Let’s start with the classics – 40 mm gas grenades. They’re very simple in the use – just load it with green gas or CO2, put some bbs in (most often 40-200 bbs), load it into airsoft grenade launcher… and shoot a huge cloud of bbs straight on a group of enemies.

There is a lot of grenade models available on the market, so everyone should find something that will fit their price and performance requirements. The most recommended are the Madbull grenades, which are CO2 ready and probably the most effective GG 40mm grenades on the market.

But that’s not all, we also have gas grenades. Their popularity increases every day, and there are more and more solutions available on the market. Currently, easily available are:
  • The APS Hakkotsu sound grenades with disposable shells
  • AVATAR grenades, which are probably the most advanced modular grenades on the market nowadays
  • The Airsoft Innovation Grenades
  • The ASG Storm grenades
What are the advantages of this solution?
  • despite their high price, they are reusable, which makes them quite worth the money
  • they’re safer than real pyrotechnics
  • they are allowed practically on all games
What are the cons?
  • they’re reusable, which means you’ll have to walk around the bushes and buildings to find the parts of your grenade
  • there are no green gas smoke grenades
  • they require a proper conservation
  • vulnerable for weather
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