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    Optical accessories for airsoft 

    In airsoft replicas, as in the original guns, there are different ways of mounting additional accessories, e.g. optical elements. It is worth remembering that just buying a collimator, a scope or a laser pointer is often not enough, as additional brackets, adapters or bases are required for proper installation.

    Optical accessories - basic information

    Optical accessories significantly improve the parameters of the replica, thus increasing the player's efficiency. Collimator mount is a good example here - not only can it be easily placed on a given replica, but it also shortens the time needed for the shot. This translates into an improved efficiency, especially during a rapid firefight. Similar effects may be achieved by mounting a scope or laser rangefinder, which are particularly useful for long-distance games.

    Additional functions of optical accessories

    Note that optical accessories not only serve as adapters for mounting viewfinders, but also as a means of protecting them.

    Every airsoft enthusiast is well aware of the fact that the shooting encounters, especially those held in confined spaces or indoors, can be very dynamic. Players and equipment are exposed to accidental falls or abrasions. The use of appropriate and dedicated mounting accessories guarantees proper protection of optical components. Incorrect installation or use of inappropriate components or their replacements may lead to the optics coming off and consequently to their damage or loss.

    What is more, dedicated grips or rails protect the viewfinder from accidental shifting while running or during sudden movements of the player - repositioning takes time, which is often simply not available during a CQB game. A professional grip is a guarantee that the optics are stabilised and the scope keeps the correct parameters.

    Optical accessories also include various types of collimator and scope covers, which also serve as additional protection. First of all, they protect the lens from accidental impact with a ball, but also with the help of a suitable cover you can hide the flare from the optical viewfinder, keeping your position secret. Sunlight reflected from the lens can reveal the player's position and eliminate him from the game.

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