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    Aiming and optical instruments in airsoft often determine the effectiveness of the player. They are used, however, not only as accessories improving the appearance of a replica. You should know what to pay attention to when buying such gear, as poorly selected optics will not meet your expectations. AIM-O is one of those manufacturers whose offer should be considered first.

    AIM-O - specialists in optics

    Since 2015, AIM-O has specialized in the production of accessories for airsoft. Its offer includes scopes, collimators, flashlights along with special dedicated mounting systems. Despite a rather short - compared to other manufacturers - presence on the market, the company surprises with more and more new proposals of equipment for airsoft enthusiasts, trying to meet the requirements of players regardless of their level of expertise. When you opt for this manufacturer, you gain not only good quality accessories - they are also quite affordable, which is of great importance when you are purchasing the whole equipment set at once.The basis of the AIM-O offer is, of course, replica scopes and collimators, but in the manufacturer's portfolio, you will also find additional accessories, such as kill flash shields for easy mounting on aiming devices.

    Choice of collimator or spotting scope

    Requirements of current airsoft games make a good quality optical sight not only a fashionable gadget but also the basic addition to the airsoft gun. Aiming instruments significantly improve the effectiveness of a player, affecting the accuracy of shots, especially if they are fired from a long distance. Also, in games within a more restricted area or confined spaces, optics is not without significance. Collimators allow you to make an accurate shot much quicker, and in a small space, when there is not much time to aim precisely at the target, the speed of reaction is especially important. If you are just starting your adventure with airsoft, it is worth remembering that the use of a collimator or scope depends on the type of game. Scopes work better at longer distances, while collimator is irreplaceable in CQB type of games.

    When choosing accessories for your replica, it is best to bet on proven manufacturers, such as AIM-O, especially if they specialize in a particular type of equipment. Inexpensive copies or substitutes will often fail to meet your expectations, e.g. will not guarantee the expected precision.