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    Holosun Red Dot Sights - Professional Shooting Accessories

    Holosun is a manufacturer of high-class aiming accessories, specializing in open and closed red dot sights. Besides, its range includes laser target pointers, accessories, and spare parts such as batteries for red dot sights, mounts, or magnifiers.

    What sets the Holosun red dot sight apart?

    Holosun red dot sights incorporate modern technologies that not only increase the precision of shots but also improve the user experience with red dot sights. Holosun Solar LED diodes are effective in bright light as well as with night vision devices. Meanwhile, thanks to the Multi Reticle System, you can adjust the shape of the aiming point to the type of firearm or airsoft gun, as well as shooting conditions.

    The long battery life in the Holosun red dot sight is ensured by the Solar Failsafe™ and Shake Awake™ systems. The first technology uses a photovoltaic cell that supports the battery's operation, and the second system switches the red dot sight to a sleep mode after a period of inactivity set by the user. Even the slightest movement reactivates the device, making it immediately ready for action. All these features make the Holosun red dot sight a valuable piece of equipment for both professional shooters and hobbyists.