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Dye Precision

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    Dye Precision is a company that has been around since 1994 and is based in San Diego, California. The American manufacturer also has markers and accessories for paintball in its portfolio. Airsoft players associate it with protective masks, which - due to their compact size - work very well during various types of games.

    Protective masks

    Eye protection is a priority for every player, so you can not save on it. In addition to the eyes, the craniofacial area, including the nose, ears, and teeth, is extremely vulnerable. In forest skirmishes, many players opt for goggles or glasses. This prevents BBs fired from a distance from causing painful injuries (they may only contribute to small haematomas), and a closed mouth protects the teeth. Mesh masks, on the other hand, protect the face much better and provide good ventilation, but they are not always compatible with every eye protection. Sometimes, due to poor adjustment or dynamic folding for a shot from an airsoft gun, the mask changes its position on the face or even lifts the goggles. While in field games the seconds lost to correct the protective gear are acceptable, in dynamic games such as CQB or speedsoft, they can decide the fate of the entire match.

    Advantages of Dye Precision protective masks

    Dye Precision masks solve most of the problems mentioned above, which is why they are the most common choice for speedsoft players. According to some players, full masks take away from the military atmosphere of airsoft matches, but their numerous advantages make them worth using. The large, double visor provides very good visibility and protection, and the mask itself also protects the sensitive parts of the face, while being compact enough not to impede aiming. Thanks to good ventilation, evaporation is kept to a minimum and the visor itself is replaceable, which significantly reduces running costs. Dye Precision masks also protect the ears without restricting the field of hearing, and thanks to the E-Voke kit they can be linked to external communications. It's worth remembering that they can withstand the impact of larger and heavier paintballs, which means that they will easily keep airsoft players safe, too. The set also includes a mounting for a sports camera, which will certainly make it easier to create unique videos of the games.

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