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BBs 0,23g

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    0.23 g BBs

    The 0.23 g BBs are a reasonable compromise between the 0.2 g ammunition used mainly in CQB, and the 0.25 g used most often by players who prefer replicas for forest-based games.

    Types of BBs for airsoft replicas

    The first replicas were designed over 30 years ago. Initially, these were gadgets aimed at modellers, allowing them to shoot the models they have built, but the performance of these replicas was not a priority for manufacturers. The focus was on replicating popular designs and the performance of replicas that resemble their firearm counterparts. This period is the origin of exotic designs with the "shell ejecting" system, which ejects an imitation cartridge case when fired. The pellets were usually 6 mm in diameter, but there were also models for 8 or even 5.5 mm. Over time, replicas began to be used in military simulations, LARPs and simple games. FPS, replica power and range all increased. At that time the calibre was unified to 6 mm and good quality BBs started to be produced, because - as it turned out - ammunition has a colossal importance for the performance of a replica.

    How to choose the right BBs for your replica?

    The basic rule of ammunition selection for airsoft replicas is to increase BBs weight as the initial velocity expressed in feet per second on 0.2 g (FPS) increases. The 0.2 g pellets were the basic weight of ammunition at a time when replicas generated an initial velocity of 270-300 FPS.  Modern assault replicas fire at 360-430 FPS and the use of 0.25 g BB is recommended. Theoretically, ammunition weighing 0.23 g is intended for replicas whose FPS oscillates between 300-360 FPS. However, the initial speed of the replica is not the only criterion to be borne in mind. Also, of great importance is the ratio of barrel length to cylinder type, the inside diameter of the barrel, the type of HU system and its setting, the tightness of the system or even atmospheric conditions. There is no single recipe or formula for choosing the perfect ammunition. The best way to find out is by trial and error. 

    Precision BBs are a good choice for all snipers, sharpshooters and players with precision barrels in their replicas. Low-precision ammunition can jam in the barrel, and an attempt to inadvertently reload the barrel can damage it permanently. 

    Organizers of some competitions require players to use biodegradable BBs, made of a special material, which are much quicker to decompose in the mulch than conventional ammunition.

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