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Tactical equipment for dogs

Dogs often look like their owners. Or is it the other way around? In any case, I will not be surprised if someone wants to dress their pet in some tactical accessories, whether for a photo session or maybe using them as a harness for short walks or exercises. Accessories of this type can be a very good complement to the styling if we are considering taking part in a LARP game or maybe when we are going to a convention. Of course, we should remember that taking your pet for regular skirmish is a bad idea. It is better to limit yourself to events more focused on building the atmosphere and those where shooting from airsoft guns is marginalized.

dog in primal gear accessories

Nevertheless, dog vests, harnesses, leashes or collars from Primal Gear can be very useful for us. For many years my dog ​​has been wearing a very elegant collar from this manufacturer every day. It is wide, has a strong leash holder, it is easy to attach a tag to it and it also has a handle that allows you to hold your pet without a leash. For this reason, I was very interested in the new accessories from this manufacturer. Ochia harness, which we have the opportunity to test, are used on medium-length walks. They have a fairly standard cut, keeping in the area of ​​the sternum and withers, but additionally they cover the chest from underneath. We will also check the Zazaur lanyard, the very interesting feature of which is that it is made of bungee-type material.

Using those accessories

The accessories presented today are made of Aspen 500D material. I liked this material for the fact that it is a bit nicer to the touch than ordinary nylon and still maintains its desired properties, such as hydrophobicity and resistance. It should be noted that, as with many artificial materials used in the production of accessories for animals, also here we may encounter the problem with time that it will accumulate hair. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be avoided and I think that pet owners will not be surprised here. In my opinion, the material is matte, it does not reflect light like some of the cheapest plastics. From my experience it does not appear that it gets too hot. Importantly - the buckles, regulators and hooks used in all accessories are solid. The hooks on the leash and the harness withstood playing with a dog of about 30 kg without any problem.

The structure of Ochia's harness reminds me of a small plate carrier tactical vest. At the top and bottom, they have mesh panels that can act as flat pockets. It's as if we want to put small ballistic inserts in them. In addition, in the upper part of the harness you will find Velcro panels sewn in such a way that you can also mount accessories in the molle standard on them. The harness has a large and strong grip, is adjustable with straps and buckles will make it easier for your pet to put them on. We have two plates with holes to which we can attach our lanyard. The adjustment possibilities are large, but more suited to medium and large dog breeds. According to the manufacturer - they are adapted to animals with a chest circumference of 50 to 110 cm.

Ochia harness for dog
Ochia tactical harness for dog
tactical harness for dog in olive green color
Primal Gear brand tactical harness dedicated to dogs

The Zazaur leash, when it is not stretched, is about 90 cm long. As I mentioned - it is partly made of flexible, stretchable material. In my measurements, I was able to stretch it about 135 cm. On the one hand, we have a solid metal carabiner. Its design makes a good impression and the method of attaching to the harness limits accidental release. It is worth mentioning that it works well with the small round holes in the eyelets of the Ochia harness. The leash has two handles. One close to the hitch in case we need to catch our pooch shortly and the other traditionally at the end. Flexible lanyards are very comfortable and it is no different here. The material neutralizes the jerks, which helps with comfort of both the animal and the guardian. The presented accessory is made of a tape with a width of about 2.5 cm. In my opinion, this is the optimal size for medium to large breed dogs. On one hand, it offers endurance, and on the other hand, it is not too heavy. The only thing I miss is the stiffening of the main leash holder. It is made of flexible and fairly thin tape. If it were a bit thicker or reinforced like in the other handle, in my opinion it would be a bit more comfortable.

Zazaur leash by Primal Gear
Zazaur leash for dog


Primal Gear dog accessories are a solid proposition for doglovers in general, and even more so for those of us who like to transfer military styling to other areas of life, not just skirmishes. As befits the brand in question, the workmanship is at a very high level. We will not find any protruding threads or crooked or careless seams here. Ochia harness, thanks to the mesh construction, facilitate ventilation, even on warm days. They offer great possibilities of adjustment. They also have a lot of thoughtful solutions, such as an additional solid handle or buckles for easy removal. I'm not sure for what purpose they have built-in flat pockets. I am not a supporter of the dog carrying equipment, so I would also treat the fields in the Molle standard as a stylistic insert. The presented accessories will definitely stay with us for longer and will accompany many walks together. Perhaps the most frequently used lanyard is the one presented here. Thanks to the flexible insert, it neutralizes jerks, it is made solid, which in my opinion meets all the conditions that a good leash should.

Author: Boreq

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