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  • TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)

TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)

  • Made of: steel and plastic Weight: 3500g Length: 800-880 mm Muzzle velocity : ~415 FPS Magazine capacity : 600 BB pellets Powered by: a battery Version with ASCU electronic module Manufacturer : LCT
  • Product code: LCT-01-005992
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333,41 €
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Product description

TK104 NV assault rifle replica (ASCU version)

A replica of the most famous Russian technical idea – the modified version of the  assault rifle designed by Michail Kalasznikow. The replica was made of the highest-class components with keeping a great attention to details and reproduction of the original .Despite some minor elements almost the whole replica is made of metal. The plastic pistol grip, the stock and the foregrip are the exceptions.

Thanks to the used materials and the production quality, the replica is characterized by an essential durability. No lose places, production inaccuracies or inappropriate fittings is seen here. The whole construction seems to be a one solid element. The interior parts allow the replica to be tuned easily and ensure a long an trouble free operation in the basic configuration.

The replica guarantees a muzzle velocity of about 415 FLS what makes this rifle perfect for every assaultman. Simultaneously, the durability and production quality allows this replica to be used not only in standard event, but also as a simulation or stun replica.

The ASCU is a two-part electronic module ( the control module and the sensor module ) which, upon being installed in the Airsoft replicas, significantly improve their operation. The traditional joint module was replaced with a sensor module which monitors the actual position of the piston thread-wheel, the firing mode selector lever and the trigger. The gathered information is sent to the control module – in which the software located in the processor analyzes it and controls the replica’s motor with the use of the MOSFET active break.

ASCU Gen. 3+ includes the following upgrades: 

- added polymer padding to the circuit boards, protecting them from damage during installation
- obsolete short-circuit software removed, making shots in semi-auto much faster
- a dedicated H-U chamber makes it impossible to shoot when the magazine is empty
- every pull on the trigger results in a single shot, new system prevents any double-shots
- new cut-off lever and selector plate designed specially for the ASCU
- new, thicker wires
- no need to dremel or modify the reinforced gearboxes.

The ASCU improves the operation of a V.3 gearbox and makes that the replica equals the more expensive replicas and the more sophisticated PTW class replicas. The ASCU system monitors the operation of the replica no matter the speed of squeezing the trigger and is responsible for the full cycle of the piston’s operation, both in the semi-automatic and full automatic firing modes. The piston stops in the starting position after each shot.

The ASCU is equipped with the Low Drain Protection system which is specially designed to secure the lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries from being damaged.

In case of any emergency, the ASCU stops the firing mode in the replica and, therefore, secures the inner elements from further damage.

The ASCU is easy to install in the replica which is equipped in the V.3 gearbox. Most of the models does not require the modification of the airsoft rifle’s original parts. Yet, in some cases, some minor changes may have to be introduced – thanks to this the installation process will be completed without any problems.


The set includes:

- the replica
- a magazine

Blow Back

Blow back is a simulation system of the cocking lever - it imitates the work of it as the equivalent sharp. This system raises the realism and adds a lot more experience during shooting.

Product length [cm]
Product weight [g]
Power supply
Muzzle velocity [FPS]

It is the spped of bb, while its leaving the innerbarrel of replica. This speed is measured in FPS (Feet Per Second).

1 FPS = 0,3 m/s

1 J = 99 m/s

1 J = 326,7 FPS

Fire mode
Gearbox version

Indications v2, v3, v6 does not mean the level of advance, but only shape of gearbox skeleton which was used and selected by the manufacturer depending on the capabilities of the body of the replica. For example, a models of the M4/M16 family, MP5, have a v2 gearbox, while the AK family have gearbox v3.

Gearbox v3

Hop-Up system is used for overclocking bb during the shot (putting it in rotation), through which, it extends its flight path. Acting laws of physics make that bb lift up, while the gravitational force take it down. Appropriate adjustment of Hop-Up, will compensate for these two factors, which result in long and straight flight for longer distance and be greater focus shot (to improve accuracy).

Inner barrel length [mm].
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