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Bag, gun cover or ahard case? - How to safely carry airsoft replicas


While shopping, we very often focus on what replica we should buy or what uniform to choose. We collect the necessary gear, but when it comes to a game, a question appears, how to safely transport the replica there?

Apart from the obvious aspect of damaging the replica in transport, there is also a more important issue. Airsoft replicas are deceptively similar to firearms, and therefore walking around with them in the open may expose us to problems. Let's see what options we have when it comes to transporting replicas.

An original replica box is your friend 

If we do not have a dedicated cover for the replica, at the very beginning, we can use the original cardboard box in which the replica comes to us. Many manufacturers give us such an option by mounting a handle in the box for convenient carrying. The replica survived the transport from the store, so it should be ok on the way to the game. Moreover, with a replica inside the box, no one will look curiously at us when we walk with it.

karton z repliki specna arms

The downside of this solution is that the cutouts in the box are prepared for the "bare" replica. Thus, if we use accessories for our replica in the form of a red dot sight or a front grip, we will either have to modify the cutouts for these elements or take them off before putting the replica into the box. The box itself is often quite large, and inside, apart from the replica, we won't hide anything else.

Simple gun bag, absolute minimum

worek do transportu repliki airsoft

Let's assume, however, that the original box is not the best solution for us. Sometimes you travel to an airsoft field by public transport or by bike, and apart from a backpack, you have to take a large cardboard box with a replica. In this case, the cheapest transport bag may be a good solution. We can put our replica into such a bag with accessories already installed. Moreover, the entire bag can be attached to a backpack for convenient transport.

worek transportowy

In addition, the bag itself weighs almost nothing, costs literally a few Euro, and on the game site we can easily roll it up and put it in a backpack, and if you need it, you can even fit two replicas in it. Unfortunately, it does not provide very much protection and will only serve to hide what we are carrying.

Gun Cover – more than a bag, less than a hard case

replika airsoft w pokrowcu na replikę

Our replica deserves a better form of carrying than a bag or cardboard box, but maybe we don't want to break the bank. In this case, we can buy a gun cover. Gun covers are most often made of nylon. Between the layers of material, they have a thick foam to protect our replica. They often hold more than one replica or have special rolled-up collars so that you can carry long rifles in them.

pokrowiec transportowy do repliki airsoft

Such cover can have several additional pockets or whole molle straps that allow for the installation of additional pouches. When it comes to carrying, the covers often offer several options, from a simple handle to a strap, or even the possibility of putting the cover on like a backpack. In my opinion, the covers have the best price to functionality ratio to the protection they provide.

Hard case – maximum protection and swag

walizka transportowa z repliką ASG

Is your airsoft replica very precious to you? Perhaps you travel a lot and want to be sure that nothing bad will happen to it. Maybe you just want to feel like a hitman from a movie pulling your rifle out of the suitcase like a boss? If you answered yes to any of the questions, a hard case is the best choice for you. The majority of the cases available on the market are made of hard plastic, filled with a thick sponge, which can often be shaped to the rifle. They are also waterproof, ultra-durable, and equipped with padlock mounting spots. If you are going to another country and want to take the replica aboard a plane, such a hard case with padlocks will be necessary.

walizka typu hard case specna arms

Hard cases are a solution that gives you the absolute best protection, but not without flaws. Suitcases are much heavier than covers. They take up a lot of space when traveling, but also at home, when we are not playing, they cannot be rolled up like a bag or folded in half like a cover and stored in a wardrobe.

Bag, case, or cover? - Option tailored for everyone

Over the years of playing airsoft, I have managed to test all replica carrying options, except for the box. I use the bag most often when I take a spare replica, which most of the time will probably stay in the car. Thanks to that, it takes up little space, and I can easily transport it in public space. The gun cover works best in most of the games I go to. The model I use has space for two replicas and accessories. In addition, the cover does not take up a lot of space in the trunk when I travel with my friends. The hard case is reserved for my most expensive replica, and I have profiled it for it. Yes, it is heavy and takes up a lot of space, but I am sure that the replica will be safe.

replika airsoft w walizce transportowej

As you can see, each option has its pros and cons. When buying, think about what and how you will be transporting your airsoft replica to choose the best solution for you. Remember also that these forms of carrying replicas are not only intended to protect them from damage during transport. They also protect you from legal problems because airsoft replicas are confusingly similar to firearms. Therefore, while walking with them in public, we can expose ourselves to unnecessary problems.



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