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The best battery for airsoft gun


How to choose a battery for an airsoft gun?

Currently, few airsoft guns come to us with a battery out of the box and even fewer of them will also have a charger. It used to be different. I think this change is good for everyone. The NiMh batteries and their chargers added to the replicas were usually of low quality. They were enough to test the replica at home before the first game, but really not much more when most other players were equipped with lithium polymer batteries. Also, using them was not the most pleasant. They have a relatively low capacity, are sensitive to adequate charging and usually come in large, bulky packages. For this reason, other solutions are more popular. These LiPo batteries are currently the most common. More and more players are choosing LiIon packages, but their high price is a barrier, especially for beginners. As it turns out, a good battery does not cost much more than the cheapest one and will often last for several years.

So how to choose the right package to drive our airsoft gun? As I mentioned above, it's best to narrow your search to lithium polymer batteries. Due to their popularity, we have a wide selection both in terms of manufacturers, sizes and shapes. I recommend looking for a power source for the airsoft gun offered by recognized airsoft or RC models-oriented manufacturers. I have been using the Specna Arms batteries for several years and it has not caused me any problems.

When it comes to parameters, I would follow the rule to buy a package with the highest voltage and current efficiency that we can afford. Therefore, if our budget allows it, we order an 11.1V battery and it would have the best performance. Simply put, performance is the "C" parameter in the package description. The higher it is, the greater the efficiency.

What about the capacity? It depends on the format of the product we are interested in. The bigger it is physically, the more milliampere hours. Unfortunately, it is impossible to formulate a universal rule here, because a lot depends on how much space we have in the airsoft gun. The most popular are packages of about 1100 to 1300 mAh. But let's not take this as a judgment. If we have an airsoft gun with a full stock, which holds a large package, it is worth taking advantage of this option.

In addition to the factors listed above, there are others that are worth paying attention to, although in my opinion they are secondary. The first is the plug type. There are currently two standard solutions. Tamiya and T-Deans. We sometimes find packages with the XT60 plug, but it is more popular among RC model enthusiasts. Of course, it is worth choosing a battery that has a plug in the same standard as the replica. However, if we have an airsoft gun or a battery with a Tamiya plug, it is worth changing it to T-Deans anyway. Because it has better performance and is more robust. In addition, such a change is not difficult. It only requires soldering skills. Plus, it's not expensive. Even a branded plug costs around 1-2 EURO.

Additionally, I would not focus on additional accessories. Alarms, lipobags and unloaders are unnecessary at the beginning of the game. They're useful accessories, but they're an unnecessary budget eater at first. It is better to invest in a good lipo package and a microprocessor charger.

airsoft battery cables

How long does airsoft battery last?

There are several ways to answer the question posed in the headline. First of all, we can measure the power consumption of our airsoft gun during the duty cycle. Users of advanced replica control systems such as GATE ASTER and other such solutions can easily check such data using applications that control the operation of these devices. We can also connect our airsoft gun to a RC power consumption meter. We divide the obtained result by the battery capacity and we get more or less the number of potential work cycles that we can perform. It's quite complicated. Let's add to this that energy consumption is lower when firing in bursts or auto compared to single fire. Is there an easier way?

airsoft battery

We can relate to the experience. Before we get to that, however, we need to think about what games we choose most often. A day-long skirmish in a fairly dense area, where we have intense firefights, will have different requirements. It will be quite different when we go on manoeuvres during which fire contact will be minimal. What's worse, the performance of our replica will also be important. A properly shimmed airsoft gun, for which an experienced service technician has selected the appropriate components, will have better performance than a toy in the factory configuration. It's best to gain experience yourself, go to the game and check how long your power source will last. However, it is difficult to decide on such a step in the face of many other uncertain factors. What if the battery in my replica wears out during the game? First of all, many players are friendly and willing to borrow a supply. In addition, it is worth having a spare battery in case you need such help.

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In general, however, we can assume that approximately 1200 mAh is the minimum to play without changing the power source during one game. I mean games lasting several hours, for example in a commercial arena, where there is a relatively intense exchange of fire, but we do not spend, for example, eight hours on a skirmish. Connoisseurs of longer clashes should stock up on additional power sources.


More and more popular, especially in the environment of lovers of military simulations, are LiIon packs, which have a much larger capacity than LiPo of a similar size. Thanks to this, you do not have to replace them so often during the game. On the other hand, if our airsoft gun holds only small packages, for example only with a capacity of 600 mAh, then we should have at least two, and preferably three such batteries. Thanks to this, we can easily replace them during the game and they should be enough until the end of the game.

Specna Arms airsoft battery

Taking care of airsoft batteries

The subject of proper use of airsoft guns and their power sources is so extensive that it would be worth dedicating a separate article to it. However, it is worth following a few rules for handling airsoft batteries. First of all, we should not unload the package in its entirety. Without going into details, if we notice that the airsoft gun clearly slows down its cycle, it's time to replace its power source. It is not worth waiting until a weak battery will not drive the replica at all. If we use an advanced airsoft gun control system, we can set protection against excessive discharge in it, which will cut off the battery below the critical value. In addition, after returning home, it is worth recharging the battery to store values. It depends on the type of package. It is best to use a microprocessor charger for this purpose, which should have a dedicated cycle for this type of use, where it will select parameters, itself depending on the type of package. Storage means not fully charged so you will still need to recharge before playing but it will help to maintain the best battery life.

Finally, let me just add that you should not keep the battery connected to the airsoft gun when you are not going to use it. For example, when the day before the game we charge our package and hide it in the replica, we should not plug it. Most airsoft guns are already equipped with MOSFET circuits that consume a small amount of energy even at rest. Plugging in the power source a few or several hours before the game can lead to its excessive exhaustion for this reason. It is worth getting into such a habit even if you have an airsoft gun without a MOSFET. Just before the game, we plug in the plug and enjoy the game. There's no need to do it beforehand.


Author: Boreq

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