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Airsoft and Gaming: two separate passions - so many similarities


Communities that organize around a passion often tend to focus on how their hobbies are better than others. We like to emphasize that our interests are more demanding and valuable, while oftentimes belittling other passions and activities. It is completely natural when we are fascinated by a given topic, we know it very well and we want to present it in superlatives. However, we may forget how much we often have in common with others. Take, for example, gaming and airsoft. They seem to be two different worlds, but if you take a closer look at them you will notice that they also have a lot in common.

How are we similar and where are we different?

Those of you who, after airsoft shooters, sit at home to play online games, certainly know these issues very well and know that gaming and airsoft often require similar skills. Especially in military games, where the main equipment of the player is also weapons - just virtual ones. In the gaming world, just like in airsoft, what matters is manual dexterity, an accurate eye and the ability to outsmart the opponent.

Scenarios for such cult-level games as Counter-Strike or Call of Duty could be successfully transferred to the airsoft battlefield. It can even be said that it has been happening for a long time. You've probably taken part in ASG competitions that resemble the capture the flag or domination modes. Aren't these the same scenarios that the above-mentioned games are also based on?

Of course, you should also be aware that the action of the game takes place in a virtual world, and airsoft is a real-life pastime. This is the most important issue that distinguishes airsoft from gaming, which may also be related to other differences. Certainly, airsoft is a sport that requires effort and physical fitness. Gaming - not so much - physical fitness plays no role here.

It happens that the costs associated with airsoft are greater than the costs incurred by gaming enthusiasts, but this is not always the case. Players can spend a fortune on their equipment, and collector's editions of games often cost the same as a good-quality airsoft gun. So, we don't necessarily differ in this respect either. What these two passions definitely require is practice - many hours of it, and the ability to think strategically.

Tactics, practice and… even more tactics

Just as in airsoft, our most important task is usually to defeat the opposing team, so in online shooters or strategy games we have to be better than the opponent. Our tactics are important - the ability to plan the next steps, but also to predict the movements of our enemy. Guessing their strategies and plans. If we can do it, we win both on the airsoft and on the virtual battlefield. This is another element common to airsoft and gaming.

Perhaps some airsofters and players are born with the proverbial weapon in hand, an accurate eye and extraordinary manual skills, but most of us need lots of practice. Training is required both when we take part in airsoft skirmishes and play any game - if we really want to be good at it. We have to perfect our dexterity, and this takes time, resilience, and resistance to failure.

What characterizes airsofters and players?

Airsoft and gaming also require very similar character traits. The willingness to compete and face others is certainly important, but on the other hand, in all team games, cooperation and common goals also play a vital role. You have to be able to play in a team and know your place in it. And it doesn't matter if it's a virtual skirmish or an airsoft shooter. Our team depends on us and we must do our best not to disappoint them. This is also conducive to making new acquaintances and forming friendships. The difference is that in airsoft they are more regional - after all, it is about direct contact, and in gaming there are no limits, so our team can include people from all over the world.

As you can see, airsoft and gaming have a lot in common, and for many of you they are probably equally fascinating, making them your favorite ways to spend your free time. After all, after an intense, physical ASG game, nothing relaxes one quite as a fierce, virtual shooter. 


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