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A new dimension of sights - Theta Rugged PRO Red Dot Sight PRDS review

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Airsoft sights are often built to minimize costs while sacrificing durability. People looking for a solid structure that will meet the requirements of long-term gaming are left without a good solution. The manufacturer Theta Optics decided to solve this problem.

Specna Arms Core J-series - airsoft gun review

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If you ask at a regular Sunday skirmish who started their adventure with a plastic AK replica, you will surely see many hands in the air. Such structures were and still are quite popular. However, over time, players began to expect something more. The most basic airsoft guns made of less durable material are no longer of interest. Time for something more intriguing. J Core Series replicas are a very good proposition in this part of the market.

Specna Arms CNC V2 gearbox shell by Mancraft

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The advanced tuning of the replica allows only one compromise. We have to accept that good components are expensive. When it comes to the materials and solutions used, we really want to spend as little as possible. Recently, the offer of v2 gearbox frames made in CNC technology has been expanding, and with them a new product has been launched, which is the result of cooperation between Specna Arms and the Polish company Mancraft.

The end of heaviness - review of the Specna Arms Flex X airsoft gun

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Sometimes we like it when airsoft guns are heavy. In the long run, however, this is not the best path. Lighter replicas are getting better. The benefits of using them make them interesting propositions for new players and for people who want to expand their arsenal.

Shooting training with the Smart Target PRO device in airsoft

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We can say that there are two types of airsoft games. Those on which we learn nothing and those on which our opponents are better trained and we can learn something from them. In addition to efficient communication within the team and finding ways to approach opponents, it is also important to master our replica well. This last aspect can be safely trained even at home. The Smart Target system will help with this.

Dog accessories for Dog Day

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The dog is man's best friend. I don't know about you, but many of my friends have a lot of tactical equipment. Following this lead, today we will check out several Primal Gear dog accessories. Regardless of whether you are looking for a late gift for the Dog's Day or if you are looking for military-style gadgets for your pet, you will surely find something for yourself in the offer of this manufacturer.

E&L Essential series – ELAK12 airsoft gun test

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E&L airsoft guns became the object of interest of players and airsoft media right from the moment they were introduced to the market. Over the years, the offer of this manufacturer has become more extensive and now we are dealing with various product lines. One of them is the popular Essential series.

Review of the Primal Gear Tactical Belt Set - The Gunslinger

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For decades, tactical belts have been the primary equipment platform.  With the dissemination of tactical vests and chest rigs, their dominant role has changed to a supporting one. The main goal of all modern tactical belts is to carry key equipment elements and short firearms. The most desired features include high ergonomics and a low profile. The Gunslinger set works perfectly with chest rigs and tactical vests.

Specna Arms J04 Edge 2.0 – review of airsoft gun

Date of addition:
Sometimes it doesn't take much for an airsoft gun to make a difference. The J series from Specna Arms had a difficult start on the market, but over time it has gained a group of supporters. However, the manufacturer does not rest on its laurels and tries to introduce interesting innovations to its many product lines. It is no different with the described constructions, which have gained the Edge 2.0 designation, so let's find out what this means.

Specna Arms BBs - airsoft ammunition review

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Apparently, the purchase of good quality BBs is the cheapest tuning that we can treat ourselves and our airsoft gun. Manufacturers, however, offer ammunition in different price ranges for a reason. Specna Arms decided to organize its line of BBs, dividing them into three series: Edge, One and Core. So let's see what the differences are between them.

Airsoft gun covers from Primal Gear - review

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The new The Cover set from Primal Gear offers two fashionable covers with a hidden tactical twist. To the casual observer, they will appear to be neat professional cases concealing a stylish tool, an airsoft gun or its real-life counterpart.

Specna Arms Edge X-series - review

Date of addition:
The airsoft market often follows the trends set by the firearms world. Due to the enduring popularity of carbines using pistol-caliber ammunition, we have the opportunity to meet more and more new designs of replicas of this type. After many months of announcements, we finally have a chance to see what Specna Arms has prepared in this topic. So let's take a closer look at the new X-series using the SA-X02 as an example.

ICS Challenger, a real Game Changer!

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The Challenger Hi-Capa from ICS is an airsoft replica that attracts gamers due in part to the innovative components and proven features used in it. Reading our newest post, you will find out more about its construction and why it is worth purchasing. Enjoy!

Airsoft communication with Specna Arms Shortie radio

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Being able to have a conversation with the team has many positive aspects. Not to mention social values, we can exchange vital information about the battlefield. Often skirmishes are won by team communication. Bearing this important issue in mind, we will check how the Shortie-82 radio from Specna Arms is doing.

New pistol holsters from Primal Gear – kydex for everyone

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As we know, often buying an airsoft gun is just the beginning of our expenses. Next in line are additional magazines, tactical accessories such as red-dots, various types of grips and something to carry our equipment. In the case of airsoft pistol, it is no different, and probably the most important additional element that we have to buy is a holster. Fortunately, with the wide Primal Gear offer, we do not have to worry about buying a suitable model adapted to our side replica.

Reinforced CNC V2 gearbox shell Specna Arms Edition from Retro Arms

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The line of internal parts signed by Specna Arms is growing systematically. More and more manufacturers cooperate with this brand, preparing special versions of their products for it. Another example of such cooperation is the reinforced CNC V2 gearbox shell Specna Arms Edition from Retro Arms. In this article, we will check whether it will fit without modifications to the Specna Arms replica of the Edge series.

Specna Arms TITAN – review of airsoft gun

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Electronics have already settled down in airsoft guns for good. The latest Specna Arms offer brings us guns, factory-equipped with the advanced GATE TITAN MOSFET system. Let's check what can be used for such airsoft guns. Are they an excellent basis for further tuning or can they fulfil all our needs straight out of the box?

200 BBs in a single mid-cap? - review of Tornado magazines

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Choosing a BBs magazine is one of the elements of proper preparation for an airsoft game. There are different types available depending on the expected capacity. In this article, we will talk about the line of mid-cap magazines from Tornado. Check it out!

Paintball mask in airsoft

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I always approached people who used paintball masks in airsoft games with a distance. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to sacrifice easy folding for a shot in exchange for the promise of less fogging lenses. After all, after I started going to CQB-style parties more often myself, I decided to check it out for myself. It turns out that full face masks are not only cleaner glasses, but also a whole range of other advantages that I would like to tell you about today using the example of my Valken Annex MI-3 protective mask. 

Specna Core – an all-around airsoft gun?

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Specna Arms undoubtedly enjoys popularity and recognition among airsofters. One of the brand's lines that particularly deserves attention is the Specna Arms Core. See how much it has to offer by reading our latest post.