Primal Combat G4 - is it really worth our attention?

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Proper preparation for an airsoft game is an essential aspect, thanks to which the comfort of the game can be significantly improved. Therefore, it is worth to get a good quality uniform, which will not restrict movement and will provide warmth. Primal Combat G4 is one of our suggestions. Check if it is worth to test it by reading our newest post! 

Why this hype? Action Army AAP01 Assassin review

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The AAP01 Assassin pistol replica from Action Army is a popular choice for airsoft players. Its absolute advantage is that it uses very little gas, making it an energy-efficient replica. Read our latest post to find out what other features it has. 

Gun Bag V2 – new bag for airsoft replicas from Specna Arms

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Staying on the topic of transporting airsoft replicas, we present a short review of the Gun Bag V2 from Specna Arms. Currently, this brand offers three versions of soft gun bags for carrying replicas, available in three different colors, and two Hard Cases. We got our hands on a medium bag with a length of 84 cm! What are our first impressions? See for yourself!

G&G PCC45 carbine replica - New SMG from G&G

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The PCC45 airsoft replica from the G&G brand is a real treat for all players looking for something unique. It is another replica, after the ARP9 and PCC9, which combines the features of a machine gun and a carbine. What impressions did she make on Maniek44? Check for yourself by reading our latest entry!

Am I sniper now, or not yet? SA-S03 CORE review

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In the beginning, I would like to say that it won’t be a typical detailed review of the replica, but it’s description with the addition of my personal opinion. I am not a user of airsoft snipers. I am a casual AEG and GBB user, who just got a 420 fps spring-loaded bolt action rifle into his hands. What’s the purpose of this kind of budget sniper airsoft replica, where can it be used and what’s its potential? We’ll see. Meet the SA-S03 CORE Sniper Rifle Replica from Specna Arms.

Primal Gear Otter – test of the EDC waist bag

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Some time ago I bought a Primal Gear Waist Bag, which since then is still well and serves bravely, but due to its large size and large (sometimes too large) capacity, it has become a bag for longer field trips. or airsoft games rather than for everyday use (full review here). To walk with it around the city, as an EDC (Every Day Carry) gear I’ve picked a different waist bag from the offer of the same manufacturer. Lighter, more compact and more comfortable. Let me present to you, Primal Gear Otter Waist Bag!

Cytac FastDraw 1911 – a review!

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If you’re a fan of airsoft handguns you definitely have heard about the Cytac. They’re on the market for not that long and offer holsters and accessories – special mounts, molle adapters etc. They also sell solid, polymer pouches for the magazines and even the dedicated ammo boxes – so even real shooters will find something they desire. Today we’ll talk about one of the Cytac holsters – the FastDraw.

Tactical Laptop Carrier – new bag from GFC Tactical

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And now for something completely different! I generally don’t tolerate bags – don’t like them, don’t use them, don’t care about them. I believe that good backpack is way more useful and functional and there’s absolutely no point in using a bag instead. But! A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will, so when situation forced me to carry my laptop home from work, and my laptop was way too big to fit into my faithful Wisport Sparrow (but I tried, boy I tried!) I decided to give bag a try. What the hell. Of course there’s a lot of cool backpacks in the market that would be perfect for my computer, but as it just happened, I had access to new, Tactical Laptop Carrier from GFC Tactical. Hence the review – enjoy!

Primal Gear Vasak - test of a gun bag

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Some elements of the airsofter's inventory are extremely underrated, while actually they are important part of the mandatory equipment whether we want it or not.

Friendship with Wuzeta is over, Pencott is my new best friend

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At the beginning of this blog, when introducing myself, I've told you that I'm using the polish camouflage wz 93 Pantera Leśna...

IronClad Pro Grip Gloves - a review

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A new brand has appeared on the market of tactical gloves, which draws with innovative solutions and an attractive price - Iron Clad. In this article, we present the Iron Clad Pro Grip model that can appeal to both airsofters and sport shooters. How did the gloves come out in our test? See for yourself!

Wei-Tech WE99 - review

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The first impression of the WE99 is pretty good. It replicates the original Walther P99 (older version) properly

American MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) - what's inside?

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A long game or a trip to the mountains is on the horizon, and you wonder what provisions to take. Energy bars or some cans will be irreplaceable. Or maybe go more militarily. Maybe it is worth investing in a food ration? In this article, we test and consume :) The American MRE.

CM.060 [P90 CYMA] -a review

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The CYMA P90 is currently one of the cheapest AEG on the market. During sales, its price can be sometimes around 100$! Thanks to that, its often considered as the first replica for new players or people.

Armored Claw Shield Flex gloves- review

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Does a perfect product really exist? No. Looking for a change, I decided to tempt myself into the gloves produced by Armored Claw.

Primal Gear Waist Bag

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Interesting story with these waist bags ... I do not remember when it has started, but for some time we have been living in interesting times, where almost every respected Tactical Redneck has such a tactical waist bag...

A useful gadget - the GFC Speedloader

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Playing with mid-cap magazines requires more of them. However, how to quickly load many magazines for an airsoft replica during the game? The GFC brand comes with a solution - a cartridge speedloader. It is an interesting alternative to syringe-type loaders. How does this new airsoft gadget work? We test it in the new article!

Primal Gear Equipment - my review

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A while ago the world has seen the new budget tactical equipment producer - The Primal Gear.

Theta Optics Battle Red Dot - a review

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