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Holographic sights, despite their undoubted advantages, are not one of the most popular pieces of gear in airsoft. Why? In this post, we’ll try to answer this question and convince airsoft aficionados that holographic sights should constitute a basic element of tactical equipment.

What is a holographic sight?

The holographic sight is a very popular piece of gear amongst military units around the world. It is very precise, allowing to shoot both at short and medium distances. Holographic sights are quite a novel product, derived from collimators, well-known to airsoft enthusiasts. Their characteristics and principle of operation are very similar - they’re optical sights that use the phenomenon of collimation, i.e. obtaining a light beam with low divergence. The light creates a target indicator visible on the lens. The biggest advantage of this type of sights is the absence of the parallax phenomenon - regardless of the angle of looking at the lens, the pointer will always be in the same place, significantly improving the speed and reaction of the shooter. The indicator is displayed on a holographic screen, completely eliminating the parallax error. The holographic sight also has an additional feature, allowing to change the color and intensity of the indicator light beam, so that it can be adapted to the changing environmental conditions of any battleground.

holographic sight

The holographic sight in airsoft

Holographic sights are not very popular in the world of airsoft. This is due to their unfortunately higher price, sometimes exceeding the costs of purchasing an actual airsoft gun! However, there are more and more people getting savvy to the advantages of this gadget and its translation into effectiveness in a firefight. The holographic sight provides extreme precision and a vast advantage over the opposing forces. When considering the purchase of a holographic sight, it is worth considering the balance of quality vs price. Additionally, the holographic sight can be mounted on many airsoft guns, including airsoft pistols, rifles or shotguns. It is also universal enough that it can be used during exercises on a shooting range, involving real units.

holographic sight

What to pay attention to when choosing a holographic sight?

Choosing a sight for an airsoft gun is no simple task. Airsoft fanatics often suffer significant costs, with the effects leaving much to be desired. Situations also occur where, after the purchase, it turns out that the new device does not fit our airsoft gun! To avoid such mishaps, it is recommended to check the dimensions of the mounting rail in advance. It is natural that a holographic sight from an airsoft pistol will not fit an airsoft assault rifle or sniper rifle. This is why the type of mounting is so important.

Another important feature is the type of battery used to power the sight. Opting for a cheaper solution often results in higher costs of use. Cheaper substitutes are not readily available in domestic stores and require special orders and coverage of shipping costs. That is why it is always worth choosing dedicated equipment for airsoft guns from brands providing constant access to spare parts, including batteries and accumulators.

Endurance is another important variable. While in a classic shooting range the sight must be resistant to shocks and vibrations during the shot, in airsoft it is important for it to be made of materials with a high degree of resistance, e.g. to an accidental shot in the optics. Many manufacturers offer special lens covers that reduce the risk of damage. This additional element is not expensive and it can make a lot of difference.

Last but not least we have the aforementioned pointer adjustment feature. It allows you to adjust the generated light beam to changing environmental conditions, significantly improving the usefulness of the device.


Holographic sight - why should you get one?

Holographic sights are not yet a common sight in the airsoft community, but that will certainly change in the near future. They’re not only an attractive accessory that will make the game more exciting - they definitely increase the effectiveness of the shooter and the chances of their team's victory. What's more, this element of tactical equipment can also be used in a classic shooting range! It’s certainly a consideration-worthy purchase!

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